10 Times Artists Went Sparring: Round 4 – Sporty Thieves Vs TLC

Back in the 90’s with Girl Power on the rise, female singers had ordinary ladies singing about respect, owning their lives and taking no rubbish when it came to men.

Enter American girl group TLC with their 3rd album Fanmail (1999) and single ‘No Scrubs’. The song of female dominance, not having anything to do with men sans money, job, and car – had stush women peacocking around dancefloors.

Later in 1999 Sporty Thievz released rebuttal track ‘No Pigeons’ – referring to the way women walk in heels, and slating women all round; “…thought she said thug but she called me a scrub…this ain’t my car like that aint your hair…” 

Well it’s safe to say the Thievz had no patch on TLC and though dancefloors ended up like a West Side Story scene, Scrubs vs Pigeons – women ruled the roost with this classic.

Were you in the Sporty Thievz corner or TLC?

Let me know what you think?

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