10 Times Artists Went Sparring: Round 7 – Lydia Murock Vs Michael Jackson

Ding Ding Round 7 and the sparring between artists continues with Lydia Murdock versus Michael Jackson.

‘Billie Jean’, the second single from Michael Jackson‘s Grammy Award-winning album, Thriller, is iconic for not only its craftsmanship but the accompanying music video. Released in 1983 the song is said to be about groupies who used to hang around after concert shows, telling the Jackson 5 they had a child belonging to them. ‘Billie Jean‘ is one in a long line of Michael’s most successful hits.

Shortly after the release and hype around Billie Jean, American singer Lydia Murdock decided it would be fun to answer Michael as Billie Jean. She wrote the deranged answer song ‘Superstar’ in which she states, “I’m Billie Jean and I’m mad as hell, I’m a woman with a story to tell…” the song goes on to talk of the one night stand, how she was forgotten about, left with a baby and totally incensed by the situation.

Murdock‘s ‘Superstar’ peaked at 14 in the UK charts after which she disappeared from the music scene.

While this was a funny song to listen to by Murdock, Jackson’s Billie Jean wins hands down.

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