10 Times Artists Went Sparring: Round 9 – Travis Tritt Vs Sheryl Crow

Travis Tritt Vs Sheryl Crow

Almost there with round 9! Country stars Travis Tritt Vs Sheryl Crow.

Back in 1992, Sheryl Crow‘s hit ‘Strong Enough’ reached the No.5 in the Billboard Hot 100. The song about a tormented woman with emotional baggage asking if her new beau was strong enough to deal with it all.

Well it wasn’t until 2002 that fellow Country star, Travis Tritt released the album ‘Strong Enough’ which featured answer song ‘Strong Enough to be Your Man.’ The song reached No.13 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs in the same year.

Once again the round was too close to call, while we could relate on every level to Sheryl’s emotions, Travis gave us all reassurance and goosebumps in his response.

The Final Round comes tomorrow.