Review: Little Brother Eli Get Intimate with Backseat Becky’s Crowd

Westgate, Oxford, and Little Brother Eli spent an intimate evening with a small Backseat Becky’s crowd.

Entering the brightly, pastel-coloured Breakfast Club diner, with sumptuous wafts of waffles, chicken wings and sweet potatoes in the air, the instructions were to head behind the SMEG fridge.

Feeling a sense of illicit intrigue, I pulled back the door handle to reveal a small rouge room filled with quiet chatter and the band (minus drummer Benji) milling around.

No sooner had I sat sipping my ‘Stranger in Paradise’ cocktail, than Alex, Josh and Adam started their set.

Drifting off with ‘Oceans’, the trio began their no frills performance. Now when I say no frills I mean, no drums, no fancy lighting, microphones or all techy things for a band like LBE – known for their high energy romping tracks.

Instead Adam’s acoustic guitar accompanied Alex’ vocals with Josh ramping up the rear on acoustic bass. Working in perfect harmony ‘Falling Out of Love’ and ‘All My Words’ delivered just as much if not more emotional charge as it would a guns blazing studio recording.

‘Wait For You’ is my go to LBE song, but the version sung was made even more spectacular with a deep south intro ‘Trouble So Hard’ by Vera Hall (made popular by Moby back in early 2000). With musical charge running through Alex’ body resulting in a foot stomping frenzy, the enchanted crowd clicked along in spirit.

‘Our Kind of Love’, ‘Stop Pretending’, ‘Oops’, ‘Tooth’ and ‘Hurricane’ all had the same effect and charm – the latter track sending a ripple of catchy “oooos” around the den.

Whilst ‘Cold Tales’ the album was quite noisy and brash, hearing the songs delivered in a basic way actually slapped the lyrical meaning in your face more than the rocky rifts did – perhaps an acoustic ‘Cold Tales’ album could be another LBE project?

One things for sure I’m looking forward to their Live Album due for release this summer now that funding’s been secured through Kickstarter, and I absolutely can’t wait for the new material appearing later on this year.

Coming soon – Musicvein‘s interview with the lads aka Little Brother Eli, stay tuned for more news!

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