Review: Tshegue – The Wheel – A Subliminal Message of Faith

Loving the new thumping track ‘Wheel’ by French-Congolese singer Faty Sy Savanet aka Tshegue.

With a hypnotic, electronic beat – the equally heart-racing
accompanying video shows the Club Etoile Rollers – some as young as 13, careering around the streets of Kinshasa, fearlessly hanging on to the backs of vehicles as Tshegue flows “Just keep your eyes on the road/ Don’t look back/ Did you forget/ The last shall be first!”

Now it’s not just the beat and the video that strike me but the lyrics Tshegue uses, for they are key bible lessons. “Just keep your eyes on the road”, refers to the gospel of Matthew which notes to keep your eyes on Jesus and focus ahead on heaven rather than looking back on the world like Lot’s wife who was subsequently turned to a pillar of salt (Genesis). Then finally Jesus teaches (again in Matthew) that it’s not the richest or first people who follow Christ that will reach heaven first, more like the last people who choose to follow him will enter first.

So the subliminal message together with the visual of the young blindly racing along in life not knowing how their lives will end or where they will end up – yet having faith they will survive, gives you a deeper sense of what The Wheel” i.e the wheel of life, is all about.

Tshegue will be touring the UK later in 2019 – follow Musicvein for more information.

Let me know what you think?

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