Voice Germany Star Kaye-Ree Releases Bob Marley Cover

Kaye-Ree, the daughter of a Persian father and a German mother who left Iran during the Iranian Revolution, has always been an artist wedged between two cultures: it influenced her eclectic musicianship, shaping the contours of jazz-infused R&B, sophisti-pop, funk-tinged classical music, and Hip Hop.

The experienced singer-songwriter, known for exploring universal themes surrounding love, migration, fate, and belonging, appeared on The Voice of Germany (2018) where she received public acclaim after all four judges lauded her rendition of Bob Marley’s song, “Is This Love”.

Now released as a single, the song will feature on her forthcoming album “Growth.”Accompanied by bandmates: Martin Loos (Guitar), Kiomars Nawab (Tabla), Uwe Felski (Bass) and her brother, Amir Eftekhari (Drums/Percussion). “Growth” Kaylee’s third album reflects on her personal growth as a newfound mother and evolving artist.

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