Camera Soul Presents Existence

Camera Soul members L-R: Pippo, Fabio, Maria, Beppe and Alex

Super-funky Bari group Camera Soul present their fifth studio album Existence – yet proving they are far more than just existing in the music world.

New album ‘Existence’ is like an extension of last album ‘Connections’ just as smooth with both dance-able rhythms and down-tempo chill-out vibes to suit listeners of any occasion.

The album title song gets the party going but it’s tracks like ‘What I Deserve’ and ‘Forever in Love’ which are the real disco-crowd pleasers.

Still, no matter what album Camera Soul produce, there is always one signature song where the whole essence of its being cries out ‘Camera Soul’ or ‘Marchio Bossa’ (their previous group) and that song is ‘Colorado Sky’. Listening to the trumpet and tempo, if you only heard this song alone – you would instantly recognize the band – I love it as well as ‘Another Smile’ with its Bossa beat.

If you’ve never listened to nor heard of Camera Soul, check out previous albums Dress Code, Not for Ordinary People, Words Don’t Speak and Connections.

Download Existence now via Bandcamp

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