Austel – Now We’re Here

Photo Credit: Emily Lindsay Brown

Now if you’re already a fan of Austel, new single Now We’re Here will come as a bit of a shock to you or will it?

If you listen to ‘Crows’ from last EP ‘Unfold’, the tell-tale signs were already there in the basslines and electronic sounds, all that was needed was an increase in bpm and you’re there!

‘Now We’re Here’, an intricate song of placing people on pedestals, blindly falling in love with an image of a person, only to finally realize your error and hate what you’ve opened your heart to.

Talking of the single Austel says; “The song is essentially about the impact of toxic relationships and dismantling the pedestals we put people on. Learning to be comfortable with your own identity. Commanding a new-found sense of confidence and inner strength. It also touches on the idea that we as a society have grown so distant from each other and ourselves. In an age where communication devices are practically glued to our hands, most of us feel lonelier than ever. We’re not built to socialise through screens, we crave a warm, human connection.”

Now We’re Here is available to purchase through Austel‘s bandcamp page.

Let me know what you think?

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