Queendom The Album Set to Empower Women

It’s long been said that the music industry is very male dominated and the latest Brit Award nominees go some way in highlighting this.

Now producer James ‘JDS’ Sewell is set to try and turn this around with the up-coming release of project Queendom – an album for women by women.

The all female empowering album to be released by It’s Not Over Entertainment, features a composite of artists from the UK, Canada and California.

Featuring music from Lekky, Sahfy, Sophia Lee Soul, Jamie-Lee, Jay L’Booth and Sheddy Maria, Queendom is a journey through different music-scapes, each artist bringing their own cultural flavour to the mix, highlighting their dedication to leveling the playing field.

Stay tuned to Musicvein to learn more about the album release date, plus a special feature on the artists and producer.

Let me know what you think?

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