Plastic Barricades – Optimist

The year 2020 just seems to have started off on the wrong foot, with negativity being spritzed all around like bug-spray, it’s hard to stay positive but finding this track by Plastic Barricades in the Musicvein inbox is a breath of fresh air.

‘Optimist’ – released last month and taken from their forthcoming album ‘Self Theories’ urges the human race to look on the brighter side of things as well as taking ownership for the mess created – a message that couldn’t ring more true in the current times.

Optimist is all about seeing the way forward through what may seem like a hopeless situation. Australia was on fire, the Amazon was burning, the seas are rising, air is polluted and dumps are full. But being pessimistic isn’t going to help. We can’t blame each other and point fingers. We have to make our own decisions.

Human beings can have some terrible instincts – but we aren’t our instincts. We are our choices. Pessimism is choosing defeat, choosing not to act, choosing to accept the situation. We’ve made this mess. We need to clean it up. It starts and ends with us.” Plastic Barricades

Let me know what you think?

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