Musicvein’s Top 5: Nina Simone

The month of February, not only is it my birth month, has seen the birth of some pretty awesome musical artists, Nina Simone being one of them.

Born Eunice Waymon on 21st February 1933, she adopted the stage name Nina Simone as a way of hiding from her parents that she was working and singing in a bar to make money.

A classically trained pianist, Nina became notorious for her flare, bold stage manor and an extraordinary voice that could soothe you or make you quiver.

Singing of love, loss, civil rights, racism and empowerment, across genres of folk, jazz, classical, gospel and blues – Nina was an extraordinary artist you couldn’t fail to notice and couldn’t contain in one box.

Although there are over 40 albums of material, here are Musicvein’s Top 5 Nina Simone and if you fancy listening to more of her hits, check out Amazon Prime Music for more.

Let me know what you think?

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