Review: Roadside by Brick

Hotly stepping after first release ‘Day & Night’, Brick is back with new single ‘Roadside’ available now on all streaming platforms.

“I had some stuff to get off my chest and clear my head…there isn’t a big message behind the song, you just have to listen,” he says of the track.

Roadside is like ripping open old wounds, a mini autobiography of the glory and the pain felt in the young rapper’s life so far. Getting his street life story out and acknowledging the harsh reality that comes with it – the death of a close one, Brick lays it all bare for listeners to hear and feel. The hook bringing things all together and showing that he has the love and support to get him through.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by!
      I’ve been over to your amazing site and love your content, the clothes you make and your fabulous travel photos – you have a new follower.


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