Post Corona Party? UK Festivals are back on!

February 22nd 2021 and PM Bojo released the roadmap to hope. On 21st June 2021 all lockdown measures could be lifted and see pubs, clubs and live music returning!

Elating news for festival organisers who were hanging on for this big announcement to see if they were in or out of the timeframe.

Confirmation soon came in that Leeds/Reading, Creamfields, Latitude and Greenman Festivals will indeed be going ahead this year!

Liam Gallagher, set to play Reading and Leeds released a series of tweets following the announcement; “Reading n Leeds c’mon you f*@%*!sSend us your Setlist / Wishlist and I’ll see what I can do for youse can’t wait to see all your little happy faces peace n love LG x

He later then went on to confirm his setlist was complete and it’s going to be “Biblical”

We’re yet to have official confirmation since the PM’s announcement from Love Supreme – however it is scheduled for 2nd to 4th July so we’d anticipate that to go ahead.

Other festivals which fell just short of the lockdown ending have yet to confirm whether dates will be rescheduled for this year or next – but keep it here with Musicvein for more information.

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