Happy Holi Day 28-29 March 2021

28th March marks the Hindi celebration of Holi aka the Festival of Love, Festival of Spring and the Festival of Colour.

Noting the end of winter, Holi embraces the beginning of Spring and of love blossoming.

Celebrations are usually held with large gatherings, food and music. People celebrating the event tend to wear white clothing and carry Red, Yellow, Green and Blue paint powders which are then thrown into the air in crowded spaces.

Participants try to catch as much paint powder on themselves as possible, the more of one particular colour they have the more significant as each colour represents something different;

  • Red = Love, beauty, sensuality
  • Yellow = Knowledge
  • Blue = the colour of Krishna, determination
  • Green = Nature and happiness

Happy Holi Day 2021

from Musicvein

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