Good Day Bad Trip – Gemma Rogers

Hitting the Musicvein desk this week is new single ‘Good Day Bad Trip’ by Gemma Rogers, the first single from her debut album due out in March 2022.

Think Siouxsie and the Banshees and that post-punk energy, for a feel of what Gemma brings with this track.

What I love about ‘Good Day Bad Trip’, is that though it’s light and trippy on the surface, underneath the music is an encapsulated cry for help – reflecting much of society today and the current situation we find ourselves in. On the outside we’re shiny happy people, whether that be a facade or through self medication, but peel that back and what you find is a person desperately seeking the need to feel normal and safe again.

With a cool, award winning video to boot, directed by Tone Davies (H28), you can’t help but bop along.

‘Good Day Bad Trip’ by Gemma Rogers is available now via Bandcamp and all streaming outlets.

Let me know what you think?

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