Gig In A Gallery Smashes Fundraising Targets

Last year singer and musician Melissa James played a series of gigs in London and Paris, in aid of a charity which tugged at her heart-strings – the Small Steps Project. Her target was to raise £1000 but I can report that the total raised was a whopping £1823!

“…considering I had no plan other than to put on a gig in a gallery…I am pretty chuffed with this indeed” says Melissa.

If you think that’s the last of the gallery gigs, think again, it seems Melissa has caught the fundraising bug and will be organizing more in 2014 – this time for a new charity (details are yet to be revealed)

“…There’s a lot of work that needs to happen behind the scenes before the gigs start-up again…to create perform and share music is something that is deeply personal and important to me – with a view to raising money to aid the good work of a charity”.

If you would like to help Melissa and support the Gig in a Gallery concerts in any way you can contact her through her website

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